Payment Options

Utility Billing and Payment System
The City of Oakland Park uses a utility billing system for water, sewer and solid waste bills. This billing system offers customers easier, more convenient options for paying bills and viewing account information. Your utility bill also has a format which clarifies billed charges and provides needed billing information.  With the bill design, customers will notice a change in the Account Number structure which now includes a Customer Number.  Some of the other enhancements available with the billing system:

* Electronic (paperless) Bills
* Pay using credit or debit cards online with no transaction fees
* Pay with e-Check
* 24-hour online access to view real-time balance and account information
* Access to sign up for automatic bank draft online
* Place service requests for your account online

Paying Your Bill Online 

To make paying your utility bill as easy as possible, select Citizen Self Service (CSS) for step-by-step instructions.  You must register as a first time user or enter your user name and password to make a payment.  There are no transaction fees for credit or debit cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.    

Automatic Deduction 
Your bill may be paid automatically each month through deductions from your checking or savings account.  You may select this payment option when using the online payment system. Have your bank routing and account information ready to enter and allow 7 business days prior to the due date of your current bill.  You may also complete the EZ Pay form along with a voided check and mail to our local address.  Once your account has been updated, your bill will indicate “bank draft” status.           

U. S. Mail Payments
Mail your payments in the courtesy envelope enclosed with your bill.  Remember to include the payment coupon and the full payment amount.  Make your check or money order payable to the City of Oakland Park (do not send cash).  The address for the payment processing center is: 

City of Oakland Park  
PO Box 932966
Atlanta, GA 31193-2966

Banking Online Bill Pay 
If you are using your financial institution’s bill pay service, please note the change in the Account number which now includes a Customer number.  To assure accurate and timely payment of your bill, you must update your utility account information on your computer.  If your bank sends an electronic payment, it should be scheduled a minimum of 4 business days.  If your bank is sending paper checks as payments, it should be scheduled a minimum of 7 business days to avoid postal delays and possible late penalty fees.  The City posts the online utility bill pay remittance the same day it is received from the bank.  However, the City has no control over when the various banks complete the transaction process.       

 Drive-Thru Drop Off
 Drop box contents are collected daily by 8:00am and credited to your account by the next day.  The drop off box is located behind City Hall at 3650 N.E.12th Avenue, Oakland Park, FL  33334.