What are the most common causes of increased water usage?

A leak can cause higher usage. Seasonal usages such as lawn watering, filling pools, additional laundry, and washing automobiles can be the cause. To check for plumbing leaks, turn off all indoor and outdoor faucets and water operable appliances. Go to your meter and open the meter box lid. Write the meter reading down (from left to right) and mark where the sweep hand is on the face of the meter. Wait approximately 15 minutes without using water. Return to the meter box and check to see if the hand moved or if the reading has changed.

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1. What do I need to open an account?
2. Are there deposit requirements when opening a new account?
3. Why is a deposit necessary when a customer already has an account in good standing with the City or has a good credit record?
4. What is the $35/$50 administrative fee on my first bill?
5. Can I pay using automatic bill payer through my bank?
6. Can I sign-up for ACH payment with the City?
7. After signing up for ACH payment, how soon will it take effect?
8. When will my deposit be returned?
9. Can I receive my bill by e-mail?
10. Why are the utility payments mailed to a post office box in Atlanta?
11. Do you accept credit or debit cards in the office?
12. Do you accept payment by phone?
13. What other payment options available after hours?
14. What is an E-check
15. Can I view my utility account information on this website?
16. Why is my water bill so high?
17. How is my bill calculated?
18. How many days do I have to pay my utility bill?
19. Do you assess late fees on utility charges?
20. Do you send a notice before water is disconnected for non-payment?
21. Can I have my water service reconnected after hours?
22. What are the most common causes of increased water usage?
23. Can I make payment arrangements?
24. What are "stormwater" fees?
25. Who do I call to receive a replacement cart for solid waste?