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POP Star Award Nomination Form

  1. Award Information
    • Any Oakland Park property may be nominated.
    • POP STAR Awards will be made in two categories: Commercial and  Residential
    • Deserving commercial and residential properties are those that have recently completed noteworthy improvements in appearance, including landscaping, painting, and exterior remodeling, and do not have open code violations.  
    • If there are no code violations, the Beautification Advisory Board will discuss and vote on the property at their next scheduled monthly meeting after receiving the nomination form.
    • Each award recipient will be recognized at a regular Commission Meeting, receive a POP STAR  AWARD Certificate, and be asked to place a POP STAR AWARD sign or plaque (provided & installed by City staff) on their property for one month.
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  6. Lawn
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  8. Vines
  9. Pools and/or Fountains
  10. Exterior of building or house
  11. Commercial Parking Lot
  12. Commercial Signage
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