Business Grand Opening Request

Congratulations on your business opening in Oakland Park! If you are planning a grand opening event for your Business and would like the City of Oakland Park to participate, please review the process, and complete the information below.   For more information, please contact the City at 954-630-4475.


Process for coordination of city participation in grand opening, expansion and relocation celebrations for Oakland Park businesses.

Step 1: Business to submit completed Grand Opening Event Request Form to the City at:

Step 2: Community and Economic Development Department (CEDD) staff to verify the Business: 

  1.  is located within the corporate boundaries of the City;
  2. has no outstanding citations, violations, or fines with the City or the State of Florida; 
  3. has obtained a Business Tax Receipt, Certificate of Use (if applicable), and all required permits and inspections

Step 3: Upon verification of Step 2, Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) staff will contact the Business to confirm event logistics, including:

  1. Description of event/special event permit requirements;
  2. Estimated number of attendees;
  3. Request for CRA staff provisions (scissors, ribbon, stanchions, photo op, etc.)
  4. Commission invitation process –
    • CRA staff will notify the City Clerk’s Office of impending requests for Commission participation. 
    • The City Clerk’s Office will inform each of the Commissioners of the forthcoming invitation. (Invitations must be originated and managed by the Business.) 
    • The City Clerk’s Office will notify CRA staff once each of the Commissioners has been notified of the forthcoming invitation. 
    • CRA staff will contact the business one week prior to the event to confirm Commissioner(s) attendance.

NOTE: Invitations to City Commissioners should be received at least 2 weeks in advance of the event, upon notification by the City that all permits and licenses have been issued.

Business Grand Opening Request Form

  1. Check all that apply*:
  2. * A Special Event Permit may be required for your event if certain criteria are met. City Staff will assist you in determining if a Special Event Permit is required.

  3. Please specify which Oakland Park city official are being requested an appearance at your event:
  4. Invitations

    Commission Invitations are to be originated by the Business and received at least 2 weeks in advance of the event, upon notification by City that all permits and licenses have been issued.

  5. What level of Commission participation are you requesting?
  6. Please submit the completed Grand Opening Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to your event to the City at: Questions? Please call: 954-630-4475

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