Mobile Printing


Mobile Printing Instructions

Printing Costs

  • Black & White: $0.10/page
  • Color: $0.25/page

Method 1: Sent as E-mail Attachment

Log in to your e-mail account and send/forward an e-mail with the document to be printed as an attachment to one of the library’s two printers:

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from Mobile Print when the document is ready to be picked up at the printer. This may take a minute or two. 

Method 2: Upload to Web Portal

  1. Go to 
  2. Select one of the library’s two printers to print to:
    1. Black and White
    2. Color
  3. Enter your e-mail address.
  4. Select document. If printing from your computer, click Browse and locate file.
  5. Click theArrow button.
  6. Determine the number of copies and pages on the next page and click the arrow button again.
  7. Click on the green printer button to proceed with printing. printer icon
  8. A notice that says “Your request has been processed” will appear when your print job is ready to be picked up.

Method 3: Printing from a Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Visit your devices app store; install and launch the PrinterOn app.
  2. Click “No printer selected.”
  3. Click “Search”. Search for Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park Library or search for the library’s zip code (33334). 
  4. Select your desired printer (black & white or color).
  5. To print:
    1. Documents: When viewing the document, click in the upper right corner and upload the document to the PrinterOn app
    2. Photos on Your Phone: Open the app. Click on “Photos” and select a photo to print.
  6. Select the printer and click the Print icon

Enter an email address and click on the checkmark. (You will receive a notice that the job started. Shortly after, you will receive another message stating “Job Successful.”)

At the Self Service Kiosk

  1. At the Kiosk, click Release a Print Job and enter your e-mail address.
  2. If you sent your document as an attachment (Method 1), the body of your e-mail will be available to print as well. We recommend using the Print Preview button to make sure you print the attachment and not the e-mail body.
  3. Select the print job(s) you wish to print and click Print.
  4. A window will pop up with the total cost of the print job(s). Click on Pay from Vending Device and add your cash or coins to the machine below the printer.
  5. Click OK, and the job(s) will be released to the printer.