OP3D - Downtown Code and Design Guidelines

Newly Adopted Downtown Zoning Code - OP3D

Newly Adopted Downtown Design Guidelines

The Downtown Zoning Code is the law that determines how land or property can be used in the Downtown. 

  • Regulates the activities or uses that can take place on private property 
  • Regulates the size of buildings that can be built on a property
  • Promotes orderly uses and patterns to support the pubic good

What does the Downtown  Urban Planning and Design  Services Review Do?

  • Creates the context for future Downtown development
  • Increases boundaries of the Downtown
  • Furthers housing and employment opportunities
  • Defines a Development Approach for different size parcels
  • Improves aesthetics and sets design standards
  • Improves Transportation Opportunities
  • Improves Definition of Private Open Space
  • Addresses allowable bonus height requirements

What the Downtown Urban Planning and Design Services  Review DOES NOT DO:

  • Increase Height in the Downtown
  • Change any existing buildings
  • Determine what should be done with City property
  • Require a property owner to change or develop  their property
  • Mandate what will be built on property

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