Building & Permitting FAQ's

Oakland Park's Building & Permitting staff at 5399 N. Dixie Highway provides these "Frequently Asked Questions" to some of the most common inquires. Should you have questions, please call the Building & Permitting desk at 954-630-4350.

1. Can I obtain a Building Permit Application form online? 
Yes. Open and print the application (five pages) here

2. Can Building Permit Applications be submitted online? 
Yes. Certain Permits.  click here

3. Can I start work before a submitted permit application is approved? 
No. Exceptions may be allowed in an emergency, such as air-conditioning replacement, with the approval of the Chief Inspector (up to the first required inspection). click here

4. What type of work inside my residence requires a building permit? 
A permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, remove or demolish any building, structure, or part thereof, including:

  • All new construction work
  • All existing construction work if altered
  • The following repairs/replacement projects always require a building permit - water heater change out, air conditioning change out, heat pump/heater recover change out, electrical service change out/repair, and all repairs due to a fire
  • If you have a special circumstance that may warrant a possible exception, please call the Building Division at 954-630-4350. 

5. How can I check the status of a permit application? 
Building permit information can be accessed online through our "Permit Access" portal on the Building and Permitting webpage, or by calling 954-630-4350 and speaking to a permit technician.

6. Can a single-family homeowner apply for their own building permit? 
Yes -- providing you meet the owner/builder exemption in State Statute 489.103(7) (a). The owner must personally appear and sign the building permit application. You are required to read, understand and certify compliance through completion of the Owner/Builder Affidavit and Disclosure Statement. As this can present a challenge for large or complex jobs, it is more useful for small, miscellaneous permits, i.e. patio slabs/decks, fences, walkways, etc.

7. How do I find out if there are expired permits on my property? 
Building permit information can be accessed online through our "Permit Access" portal on the Building and Permitting webpage, or by calling 954-630-4350 and speaking to a permit technician.

8. Is there a maximum dollar value up to which a resident can do work inside their home without a Building Permit? 
No. All new work requires a Building Permit. If you have a special circumstance that may warrant a possible exception, please call the Building Division at 954-630-4350. 

9. What are some of the most important things I should know about hiring a contractor? 
Hire contractors with a valid License or Certificate of Competency, as well as recent references. Contractors with expired permits can be cause for concern. Other suggestions include:

  • Check with Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation for public complaints against a contractor's license (you can search by name or license number)
  • Choose a contractor with an established reputation for fulfilling their contract and returning after completion of the job for warranty repairs/maintenance
  • Code Compliance is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner. Be sure that inspections have been approved and that you are satisfied with the work before making final payment to a contractor. Make sure your contract terms include this.

10. Is there a listing of all of the City of Oakland Park Building & Permitting Applications & Forms? 
Yes. Download forms here.

11. Who is responsible for calling for an inspection when the work is ready? 
The permit holder or their agent.

12. Why is obtaining a Building Permit a benefit to me as a homeowner? 
When a permit is submitted to the City's Building Division, it is review to ensure it meets established minimum criteria. The review and approval process allows problems to be identified and corrected before any non-compliant work occurs. During the permitting process, a contractor's license and insurance are verified. Also:

  • Having a permit allows a person knowledgeable in construction the opportunity to inspect and confirm that minimum code prescribed construction requirements are met.
  • The transfer of property can be delayed when non-permitted work is discovered. Work completed without permits and/or inspections is deemed to be unsafe.
  • Works that is performed without a permit is subject to double permit fee and may have to be partially or completely demolished.

13. Is expediting available and what are the associated cost with expediting? 
Expedited service is available. the fees charged are two times (2x) the corresponding dry run fee per trade based on the estimated job value of the project. 

Estimated Job Value Dry Run

$0- $2,500.00                                                  $     20.00

$2,500.01-$5,000.00                                      $     35.00

$5,000.01-$10,000.00                                    $     55.00

$10,000.01-$25,000.00                                  $     75.00

$25,000.01-$50,000.00                                  $     95.00

$50,000.01-$100,000.00                                 $   135.00

$100,000.01-$200,000.00                              $   160.00

$200,000.01-$300,000.00                              $   250.00

$300,000.01-$600,000.00                              $   305.00

$600,000.01-$1,000,000.00                           $   400.00

$1,000,000.01-$5,000,000.00                        $   980.00

Above $5,000,000.00                                      $1,395.00

14. What is the standard plan review times compared to expediting?

Review Process

Plan Size

Plan Review Cycle (business days)


Small (i.e. fence, roof, driveway, etc.)



Small (i.e. fence, roof, driveway, etc.)



Large (new construction and substantial improvements)



Large (new construction and substantial improvements)


depending on project size

*These times may vary based on work load

15. Where is the Building & Permitting Division located and what are the hours of operation?

LOCATION:                                                                                                                                         HOURS OF OPERATION
City of Oakland Park                                                                                            Monday thru Friday
Municipal Building                                                                                                7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
5399 N. Dixie Highway, Suite #3
Oakland Park, FL 33334 (see map)                                                                   

Contact Oakland Park's Engineering & Community Development Personnel prior to the start of a project to discuss building code/development requirements or possible exceptions to building permit.



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