Other Elected Officials

Presented are names and contact information for the county, state and federal elected officials who serve Oakland Park.
Ron DeSantis Official Portrait
Ron DeSantis
Sen. Rick Scott
U.S. Senator
Rick Scott
Senator Marco Rubio
U.S. Senator
Marco Rubio
Congressman Alcee Hastings
U.S. Congress, District #20
Alcee Hastings
U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch
U.S. Congress, District #22
Ted Deutch
State Senator Perry Thurston
State Senate,
District #33
Perry E. Thurston, Jr.
State Rep. Patricia H Williams
State Representative, District #92
Patricia H. Williams
Sen. Chip LaMarca
State Representative, District #93
Chip LaMarca
State Representative Bobby DuBose
State Representative, District #94
Bobby DuBose
Lamar Fisher
Broward County Commission District #4
Lamar Fisher
Dale Holness Broward Commission
Broward County Commission District #9
Dale V.C. Holness
County School Board Robin Bartleman
Broward County School Board Seat 9
Robin Bartleman
County School Board Donna P. Korn
Broward County School Board Seat 8
Donna P. Korn
County School Board Heather P. Brinkworth
Broward County School Board District #3
Heather P. Brinkworth
BSO Sheriff Tony
Broward County Sheriff
Gregory Tony
Peter Antonacci
Broward County Supervisor of Elections
Peter Antonacci
Broward Property Appraiser M. Kiar
Broward County Property Appraiser
Marty Kiar