Information Technology Services

While balancing the rapid growth of technology in a responsible manner with its available resources, Information Technology Services (ITS) will continue providing quality technology services to the residents, business owners and internal users of Oakland Park.

Technology continues to allow people, resources, places, information and business to connect, interact, communicate and conduct business in newer and more innovative ways such as in automated social networking. The City's technology department will continue to maintain an expected but reasonable pace.


Information Technology Services will continue to provide automated support and services to all our residents, business owners and employees alike for the purposes of enhanced communications.


The Information Technology Services department provides the communication , resources and coordination necessary to:
  • Work in partnership with the City's Departments and Management to identify and implement cost effective technology solutions for its day to day business operations, needs and objectives.
  • Plan, develop, and maintain a citywide network infrastructure that remains accessible, secure, effective and reliable.
  • Maintain deployment of useful computer desktop automation within our employee environment that provides the tools required for effective performance of their daily operations.
  • Coordinate the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a tool of expansion to provide improved and more robust source of information and services.
  • Research and monitor technology trends before identifying applicability to the City for meeting its strategic goals.
  • Provide technology related training for City employees to encourage growth and productivity.


Through available automation and technology, Information Technology Service (ITS) will perennially meet the challenges of improving productivity, communication and people to people business and social interaction.

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