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SUN 2 - Pompano Beach

Recycling Facilities

We have 12 locations conveniently located in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties. Our recycling facilities are currently recycling up to 90% of the materials we collect. We are focused on turning the highly recyclable materials that we process into value products that can be reused. This recycling returns useful material to the economy and saves valuable landfill space. Our facilities are open to everyone. Our customers include, but are not limited to, municipalities, counties, third party hauling companies, roofers, landscapers and the general public. We are committed to “Recycling for Zero Waste”. When you do business with Sun Recycling, we solve your recycling challenge and you join in our ecologically safe and responsible recycling solutions. We welcome and encourage the counties, municipalities, business and individuals of South Florida to join us in Recycling for Zero Waste.