About Oakland Park

  1. City Maps

    Download maps showing the boundaries of Oakland Park, in addition to school locations, parks facilities, and City buildings.

  2. History

    Read about the history of Oakland Park and learn how to become involved with the Oakland Park Historical Society.

  3. Mission, Vision & City Values

    In addition to a new logo and the tagline "City on the Move," Oakland Park has clearly defined Mission and Visions statements, as well as 4 key City Values.

  4. City Publications and Email Updates

    City staff produces a monthly 4-page "Oakleaf" listing events, activities, development activity, and other topical information for residents.

  5. Strategic Plan (PDF)

    Strategic planning is a management approach that focuses on positioning Oakland Park for success - now and in the future.

  6. Video About Oakland Park

    Discover highlighted businesses and areas located in the City of Oakland Park.