Fire Rescue Department

The Oakland Park Fire Rescue Department provides fire suppression and advanced life support emergency medical services to the City of Oakland Park. Specialty services such as hazardous materials and technical rescue are provided through regional teams available through a countywide mutual aid system. The total coverage area is approximately 9 square miles with a residential population of more than 42,000.
Fire Fighter teaches kids about fire safety
Approximately 20% of the coverage area is zoned commercial or industrial with the remainder being single or multi-family residential. Interstate 95 and 2 major railroad lines (FEC and CSX) pass through the department's service area.
Responding to Calls
The department responds to approximately 8,000 calls per year, nearly 80% of these are EMS calls. The initial response to residential structure fires is:
  • 1 Fire Engine
  • 2 EMS Rescue Trucks
  • 2 Ladder Trucks
  • Battalion Chief
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A 3rd rescue unit is dispatched to a commercial structure fire.

Fire Stations

Countywide Mutual Aid

Additional response units are available through the countywide mutual aid system. Dispatch services are provided to the department by Broward County Fire Rescue. The department shares a dispatch channel with 3 neighboring communities. Tactical channels are used for major operations.

The department is under the direction of the Chief of Fire Rescue and is comprised of a 74 personnel organized into 4 major divisions:
  • Administration
  • Code Enforcement
  • Fire Prevention
  • Operations

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Our mission is to be a high performance team, which is recognized by our community for providing quality, compassionate, and efficient fire suppression, prevention and emergency medical services.