Advisory Boards

  1. Art & Culture Board

    The Art and Culture Board acts in an advisory capacity in matters pertaining to Art and Culture programs including the development of Art and Culture programs and events in the City.

  2. Beautification Advisory Board

    The Beautification Advisory Board studies, evaluates, and recommends plans on how to improve the general health, sanitation, safety, and cleanliness of the City.

  3. Board Attendance Policy

    Review the attendance policy in place for each advisory board.

  4. Board of Adjustment

    The Board of Adjustment receives applications and hears appeals in cases involving City zoning regulations.

  5. Civil Service Board

    The Civil Service Board advises the City Manager and City Commission on personnel matters.

  6. Code Enforcement Board & Special Magistrate

    The Code Enforcement Board and Special Magistrate provides an equitable, expeditious, efficient and cost-effective method of enforcing the technical laws and codes of the City.

  7. Development Review Committee (DRC)

    The purpose of Development Review Committee (DRC) is for various City departments to complete a technical review of proposed developments and provide written comments for the applicant.

  8. Historic Preservation Board

    The Historic Preservation Board encourages the restoration, renovation, and rehabilitation of historic structures to help preserve their aesthetic, cultural, and historic value.

  9. Local Government Academy

    City residents and employees of Oakland Park businesses are encouraged to apply for the 2015 Local Government Academy to better understand how City government functions.

  10. Planning & Zoning Board

    The Planning and Zoning Board conducts public hearings and makes recommendations on matters pertaining to planning and zoning.

  11. Police & Fire Pension Board

    The Police and Fire Pension Board administers the Pension Plan for the City's Police and Fire Rescue staff in accordance with the City's Code of Ordinances.

  12. School Advisory Board

    The School Advisory Board advises the City on all issues relating to educational matters that impact the quality of education for City residents, or the educational facilities located within the City.

  13. Unsafe Structures Board

    The Unsafe Structures Board holds appeals hearing regarding violators of the Minimum Housing Code and condemnation of structures under the Florida Building Code.