1. City Attorney

    The City Attorney provides legal advice, support and direction to the City Council and the city staff in their capacity of performing official city duties.

  2. City Clerk

    The City Clerk's Office works to ensure effective functioning of the city's governance process while concurrently maintaining quality customer service to members of the public, City Commission, and city staff by utilizing the best possible technological solutions to provide accessible information.

  3. City Manager

    The City Manager's goals are to provide a capable and inspiring leadership for city staff, to make day-to-day decisions that allow for the most effective use of resources, and to operate in a manner that improves the quality of life for Oakland Park's business and residents.

  4. Community Enhancement

    Get information on the Codes of Oakland Park, common violations, and the enforcement process.

  5. Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

    Get information from the CRA important to developing businesses within the community.

  6. Engineering & Community Development

    The mission of the Engineering and Community Development Department is to effectively manage the city's growth and redevelopment and to develop and implement solutions for the City's Capital Improvement Projects that promote the health, safety, welfare, and aesthetic needs of the community.

  7. Financial Services

    The City of Oakland Park's Financial Services Department mission is to ensure the integrity of the City's financial records and to continue to strive toward excellence in providing financial services to all of our clients, both internal and external, through prompt, courteous, and professional work.

  8. Fire Rescue

    The Fire Rescue Department is driven to be a high performance team, which is recognized by our community for providing quality, compassionate, and efficient fire suppression, prevention, and emergency medical services.

  9. Human Resources & Risk Management

    The Human Resources Department is a resource for the City of Oakland Park and is recognized as a dynamic team of knowledgeable professionals who impact and promote equity and fair human relations throughout the organization.

  10. Information Technology Services

    Through available automation and technology, Information Technology Service (ITS) will perennially meet the challenges of improving productivity, communication, and people to people, business, and social interaction.

  11. Library

    Learn more about the Ethel M. Gordon Library.

  12. Parks & Leisure Services

    The Parks and Leisure Services Department's purpose is to acquire, develop, program, and maintain city park facilities.

  13. Police / Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO)

    The Oakland Park City Commission entered into a contract for police services with the Broward Sheriff's Office on August 1, 2000. The BSO/Oakland Park District provides police services for the City's 8.04 square miles divided into 14 patrol zones.

  14. Public Works

    The Public Works Department is a multi-faceted service oriented organization within our City government structure, tasked with providing uninterrupted delivery of services to the residents, business owners, and visitors in Oakland Park.